Officers and Directors

2018-2019 ALPOA Directors

Officers: (1 yr. term, maximum of 3 consecutive terms)

            Co-President:              Paul Knott                               (3rd Term)

            Co-President               Greg Zais                                 (3rd Term)

            Vice President:            Lynn Livingston                       (3rd Term)

             Secretary:                    Kelly McMullen                       (2nd Term)

            Treasurer:                   Amy Meighan                         (1st Term)



Directors: (3yr. Term, maximum of 3 consecutive terms)

            Noel Cacchio                           (3rd Term ending 2020)

            Sally Smithson                         (3rd Term ending 2021)

            Nancy Gucker Birdsall              (1st Term ending 2021)

            Nancy Del-Zio                          (3rd Term ending 2021)

            David Buchholz                        (3rd. Term ending 2019)

            Glen Ferguson                         (3rd. Term ending 2019)

            Scott Mischler                         (1st. Term ending 2020)

Phil Thomas                            (1st. Term ending 2020)

Heidi Wells Serbalik                (1st. Term ending 2020)