Officers and Directors

2022 - 2023 ALPOA Directors and Officers

Officers – (1 year Term - No Term Limits)

Co- Presidents:

Doug Leininger

Paul Knott


Scott Mischler


Allyne Chartier


Brenda Tipsword-Wiederkehr

Directors – (3 year Term - 3 Term Limit – max. 9 yrs)

Nancy Gucker Birdsall 2nd term ending 2024

Amy Meighan 2nd term ending 2025

Heidi Serbalik 2nd term ending 2023

Lynn Livingston 1st term ending 2023

Nicki Tromblee 1st term ending 2023

Phil Thomas 2nd term ending 2023

Noel Cacchio 1st term ending 2024

Sally Smithson 1st term ending 2024

Kelly McMullen 1st term ending 2025

Per our By-Laws, there are no term limits on Officer Positions, although it is required that a 3 term Director have 1 year off the Board before being re-elected to a Director position.