Internet Access

New announcement 2/27/2023 Fiber Optic cable is being installed along Augur Lake Road for Frontier

Internet access at Augur Lake is rather limited.

2. Frontier DSL and HughesNet are two possibilities. We have a write up describing how to complain to the FCC about the service we get.

3. You can also contact our state representatives Matt Simpson and Dan Stec.

4. There is also a write up by Gordon Howard about how to access the internet if you have access to cell phone reception.

Also you may contact Gordon Howard directly

5. StarLink by Elon Musk is available this year 2022. They claim much faster internet speeds because they have many low orbit satellites. To use this service you must have a clear area directly overhead and somewhat to the north. Trees with leaves will limit your ability to receive a signal. 

6. Hughes and Viasat are two satellite services. Their speeds and response times are limited by their high altitude satellites.