2012 CSLAP Reports

Attached is the 2012 report and scorecard for your lake. The report and

scorecards are similar to those in the past, but the following changes can be



1. added an Appendix D, which shows the summer average values over time for each

of the indicators that are measured through CSLAP. Important trends and other

helpful 'interpretive' information is called out in the accompanying bullet


2. the raw data and legend now include all of the algal toxicity and screening

data. These are also discussed at greater length in the report and in the data



1. The "shell" for the scorecard is much more extensive. We (DEC) have some PDF

size limits for posting documents on our web page, and the old scorecard format

did not meet these requirements. So since we had to add some additional pages to

the PDF, we thought we'd provide the context for the scorecards.

2. The trends column has been eliminated from the lake use and biological

assessments, since we don't have a credible way to evaluate trends for these

categories for most lakes.

I don't expect that either the report or scorecard will be posted to the FOLA or

DEC websites for at least several weeks, so feel free to distribute these as you

deem appropriate. They will likely be posted to at least the FOLA website

(http://nysfola.mylaketown.com/CSLAP-PDF-Search) and perhaps the DEC website

(http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/81849.html) before summer.

Thanks for your patience and your continued support of CSLAP.

Scott A. Kishbaugh, P.E.