Loon Family Photos for 2021

Photos by D. Buchholz with a long telephoto lens. Please respect the loons and do not go too close.

May 7,2021 The loons are back in April. The nesting starts on May 8.

The nest on May 9 The warning signs.

Augur Lake proudly announces the birth of loon twins on or before June 6, 2021 and twin fuzz balls on June 16, 2021

Loons at June 23, 2021, about 2.5 weeks old Baby loon on July 9, 2021, approximately one month old

The loon census was taken July 17 for the Adirondack Loon Conservancy. There were 3 adult loons and one chick. It appears that an eagle was responsible for the loss of one of our baby loons.

Mother and junior, August 8, 2021. junior is almost full grown and again on Sept 16, 2021 showing mother's plumage change to winter colors