Augur Lake's 1st Loon Family

Please keep your distance from the loons. This is the first time we have had a baby loon on Augur Lake.

These photos were taken with a telephoto lens by D. Buchholz

Photos of the loons on May 2, 2019.

The mother loon on her nest on June10th and 12th.

The loon family investigating Augur Lake on June 18

Mother and baby on June 21.

One non-viable egg still remains in the nest, June 21.

Mother with baby on her back on June 24.

July 3 rd and July 4th

July 4, Mother and chick (getting bigger)

July 6, the chick is fuzzy brown

July 9, mother feeding baby

July 14, chick is still fuzzy

July 19, the parent in protective mode and July 28th, the chick is gaining size rapidly and loosing its fuzziness

August 14th, the chick is almost as large as the parent