Loon Announcement

To All Augur Lake Enthusiasts,

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Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation This is a good source for information about loons in our area.


Loons are a migrating bird that spend April through October/November in the North, and migrate to Southern regions for the Winter. They arrive in our area soon after the ice goes out of Augur. 

It is interesting to note, they are often a sign of a healthy water body.

Our pair returned this Spring.  We have been Blessed with this mating pair of Loons for a few years now, but they have had only one successful hatchling, in 2019. 

Human interference with the nesting area is a common cause of Loons failing to produce offspring.

We respectfully request all individuals on the lake completely avoid their nesting site, wherever it may be.

Please consider posting this notice at your property to help inform and educate as many people as possible. 

Thank you. 

Augur Lake Property Owners Association

May, 2020

photo by P Knott